Malathi Madhava


The play is set in the city of Padmavati. The king desires that his minister’s daughter Malati marry a youth called Nandana. Malati is in love with Madhava ever since she saw him and drew his portrait. Madhava reciprocates, and draws a portrait of her in turn. Malati suspects her father’s motives in falling in with the King’s plans for her. A side plot involves the lovers’ friends Makaranda and Madayantika. The latter is attacked by a tiger, and Makaranda rescues her, getting wounded in the process. After numerous travails, all ends well, with the two couples uniting. According to the renowned sanskritist Daniel H.H. Ingalls, the Malatimadhava is a work that combines love and horror with a felicity never again equaled in Sanskrit literature.

About the Ninasam Local group

Established in 1949, Ninasam has grown in to many branches of knowledge today. One of the important and oldest wings is its local theatre troupe. A group with floating population of local theatre enthusiast of Heggodu and surroundings work on a play almost every year since its inception. Some of the important productions are ‘Shahajahan’, ‘Sangya Balya’, ‘Chomana Dudi’, Ghasiram Kotwal’ and so on. The plays are not only directed by local directors, many times directors on national and international repute like B.V Karanth,Chandrashekar Kambara, Prasanna,Prakash Belwadi, Raghunandana,Channakeshava and so on. These plays are usually staged in Heggodu and surroundings. They have also been staged in many parts of Karnataka.

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Community Participation

Sanchi Foundation believes in community participation to take this project to next level. To begin with, we would like to translate the subtitles to all the plays in all possible languages. So if you are willing to help us in this project, please get in touch with us.

Malathi Madhava Crew

We thank Ninasam community, Heggodu

All who helped this project Directly and indirectly

Malati Madhava – Based on Bhavabhuti’s Sanskrit Play

Translation and Direction – Akshara K.V. | Music Composition – Bhargava K.N., Vidya Hegde, Akshara K.V. | Documentation Sponsors – Ninasam Tirugata, Sanchi Foundation

Sanchi Foundation Documentation team

Camera – Vishnu Prasad, Lakshman Nayak, Abhaya Simha | Camera assistant – Ravi | Sound design – Jamie DSilva, Shishira K.V | Editing of plays – Prashanth Pandith | Interviews – NAM Ismail | Editing of interviews – Abhaya Simha | Internet technology – Omshivaprakash | Media Management – Mansore | Subtitles – Avinash G. | Documentation Direction – Abhaya Simha

Cast & Crew

Channakeshava S.H. | Sourabha K. | Darshan H.S. | Ananya H.U. | Samartha Purappemane | Kiran S. Purappemane | Subbanna Nandre | Ramesh Nandre | Jayaprakash Shetty Hebbailu | Chaitrakumara Mavinakuli | Raghavendra N. Kalkoppa | Naveen Malavalli | Arpitha B. | Susheela M.P. Hegde | Vibha Aithal | Nagaraj M.S. | Shridhan B.N. | Narahari M.V. | Vidya Hegde | Nagaraj M.S. | Shridhan B.N. | Raghavendra N. Kalkoppa | Chaitrakumara Mavinakuli | Channakeshava S.H. | Naveen Malavalli | Arpitha | Susheela M.P. Hegde | Vibha Aithal | Sourabha K. | Subbanna Nandre | Darshan H.S. | Kirana S. Purappemane | Jayaprakash Shetty Hebbailu | Ramesh Nandre | Darshan H.S. | Ananya H.U. | Samartha Purappemane | Tejaswini N. | Ananya H.U. | Subbanna Nandre | Narahari M.V. | Siddaveerappa M.G. | Narayana Swami P.K.

Stage Craft – Jayaprakash Shetty Hebbailu, Channakeshava S.H., Kiran S. Purappemane, Chaitrakumara Mavinakuli, Ramesh Nandre, Raghavendra N. Kalkoppa | Costume – Vidya Hegde, Susheela M.P. Hegde, Vibha Aithal, Ananya H.U. | Stitching – Mahesh Hebbalu | Lights – Narayana Swami P.K., Darshan H.S., Naveen Malavalli, Samartha Purappemane, Subbanna Nandre | Properties – Sourabha K, Arpitha B., Tejaswini N., Narahari M.V. | Publicity – Shridhan B.N., Siddaveerappa M.G. | Music – M.P. Hegde, Bhargava K.N., Arun Kumar, Vidya Hegde | Dance Choreography – Nagaraj K.N. | Stage Management – Nagaraj M.S. | Lighting Design – Krishnamurthy M.M. | Lighting Management – Sadashiva Dharmasthala | Technical Management – H.C. Chalavadi | Technical Assistance – Manju Kodagu, Gurumurthy Varadamoola, Phaniyamma H.S., Ramesh P.K.

Sanchi Foundation

Sanchi Foundation (R) has joined forces with Ninasam for this documentation project. Sanchi  Foundation is a not for profit organization working for the documentation of audio-visual heritage. Sanchi Foundation has a vast experience in audio-visual documentation.

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