Ninasam Documentation Project 2016

The Dream

In 2015, Sanchi Foundation joined hands with Ninasam to document three Kannada plays. We wanted to document these Kannada plays and present it to the world community of theatre connoisseurs and academicians. Plays were recorded in HD with were subtitled in English. The project received a great support in crowd sourcing too. Project was a great success. There were few learning too.

Sanchi Foundation is now getting ready for the next addition of this documentation. As Ninasam gets ready for its productions, Sanchi Foundation wants to reach out to you for the help in funding. We will update you about all the development in this project through this page.


This is the documentation of the entire project. This film introduces Ninasam and its history. Directors whose plays were documented in 2015 speak about their experience, inspirations on directing their respective plays.


Gunamukha is a play written by one of the leading play writes in Kannada, P. Lankesh. It is about the maddening emperor Nadir Shaw and a philosophical healer Hakim Alavi Khan. Play is directed by Manju Kodagu.


Tartuffe is a French play written by Molière. It is translated by A.N Murthy Rao and directed by M. Ganesh. The play takes a critical look into the system of religion and people who take advantage of it.

Oresthis Purana

It is based on Oresteia Trilogy by Aeschylus. Translated by Dr. Vijaya Guttala and Directed by B.R Venkatramana Aithala. Play discusses the Concept of State and the Disputes between Statuses.

We aim to raise Rs. 2 Lakh to meet the production, and postproduction requirements of the project.

We hope to meet this requirement through crowd funding.

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