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CBPS@25 I Education as a Public Good: Young Scholars' Presentations

As a part of its 25th anniversary celebrations, CBPS gave a call for papers from young scholars to present on four domain areas. One among them was ‘Education as a Public Good’. This video includes presentations from young scholars who presented on this theme.

Neha Ghatak and Rajat Chaudhary from CBPS, in their paper, draw insights from an action research in Bihar to establish interlinkages between education as a public good, social justice, and critical pedagogy, and propose a framework of education as a public good using these dimensions.

Bhawna Parmar, an independent researcher, talks on ‘retaining inequalities’ for which she draws empirical insights using a case study of a boy in the tribal areas of Jharkhand, and comments on the daily negotiations of learners from marginalised communities.

Priya Singh from Indian Institute of Human Settlements presents on ‘The Experiences of Alumni in Planning Education’ using a study that covered schools of planning in India and elsewhere.

Akhila P. from Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation presents on ‘State and Non-state Actors in Higher Education Development’ by analysing the scenarios of higher education in Kerala.



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