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CBPS@25 I Health and Social Security I Young Scholars’ Presentations

This video contains three paper presentations by young and vibrant scholars as a part of the panel discussion on Health and Social Security on the second day of the conference marking CBPS’ 25 years of completion.

The topics of the presentations covered a wide range of issues including Understanding Beneficiary Enrolment patterns in ICDS during Covid in Karnataka presented by Gayathri Raghuraman and John Kujur from CBPS, who speak about the various challenges in understanding trends through ICDS data.

Vipasha Ray Hajong and Athira Karunakaran from the Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation presented an alternate framework of estimating the State-level Poverty Line that could provide much more granularity to our understanding of poverty in different states.

Yukti Jain and Tina Dsouza from CBPS spoke extensively on the challenges faced by Sanitation Workers, addressing the various policies that tend to be exclusionary and discriminatory.

The discussions in each of the presentations connected to the larger theme of the panel and reflected on ideas of public health as a human right.




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