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CBPS@25 I Public Finance: Young Scholars’ Presentations

Public Finance and Governance has been one of the core areas of CBPS work and hence was one of the themes where papers were invited from young scholars as part of the 25th-anniversary celebration of CBPS.

Stephy Anthony and P S Renjith from Gulati Institution of Finance and Taxation, discuss how changes in fiscal deficit have brought about variations in various components of expenditure i.e., development expenditure, capital expenditure and revenue expenditure for the period 2005-06 to 2019-20 of 18 selected states in India.

Parth Chaturvedi and Sneha Sharma from Indian School of Public Policy in their paper discuss the governance and management of citizen data and its impact on last-mile public service delivery.

Sowmya J and Abida U C from CBPS in their paper titled “Does Child-Friendly Gram Panchayats Mean Good Governance? – An Analysis of 10 Gram Panchayats in Karnataka” presented a framework that can help in analysing the underpinnings of what makes a Gram Panchayat child-friendly.


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