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CBPS@25 I Public Lecture | Institutions and Public Policy: Reflections on CBPS@25

Prof. Vinod Vyasulu, co-founder and the founding Director of CBPS (Centre for Budget and Policy Studies), reflects on how the idea of CBPS emerged and took shape, the challenges of early years, and the philosophy and principles that guided the organisational journey, especially in the first 12 years. He shares how the need for having rigorous research that has direct relevance for the society guided him to establish CBPS. He also talks about how an institutional journey interacts with the contemporary challenges, and how subnational budgets and decentralisation became two focus areas of the early CBPS research.

The three respondents to the lecture also make significant contributions.
Dr. Shreelata Rao Seshadri, Director, Ramalingaswamy Centre for Equity and Social Determinants of Health, Bangalore remembered how Dr. Poornima Vyasulu, co-founder of CBPS, brought passion and rigour to her research.

Dr. Sudhir Krishnaswamy, Vice Chancellor of the National Law School of India University, highlighted the challenges of building and protecting such institutions, emphasising the importance of institutional choice and autonomy within a political state.

Prof. Rishikesha Krishnan, Director, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, commended CBPS for creating specialised knowledge and contributing to a strong political philosophy while generating impactful outcomes.



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